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o some, this may appear to be a very bold and extremely confident statement to make, but I do put my money where my mouth is.

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My simple system has proven time and time again that average people can enjoy the wonderful rewards that the world of real estate has to offer, it doesn't matter if you're buying, selling or investing. Would it seem too bold of a statement to say that the 3-5 minutes you spend on this page was responsible for a Life Changing experience?

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Buyers, learn how to buy a home and earn equity up to 500% faster than with a conventional mortgage. Sellers, discover how to sell your home in less than 30 days for your full asking price. Investors, double your profits using the principles of leverage, with fewer headaches, and a larger monthly cash flow. Realtors, open your doors to the largest market of buyers and sellers available and create a powerful niche in your office.

The Lease 2 Purchase contract has proven time after time that it is the single-most powerful form of home financing available today. Control without ownership is a phenomenon that is changing the face of the real estate industry -- The Lease 2 Purchase Handbook and FREE CD will teach you everything you need to know, step-by-step: The tricks the experts use, the secrets that can turn small profits into huge profits, the tips you need to get the deal done fast, and the strategies you must know to reduce your risk.

You don't need to be a real estate genius. You don't need any special equipment or experience. You will go immediately from a real estate novice to Lease 2 Purchase pro in a matter of days. You will start earning income within 48 hours after you start your Lease 2 Purchase campaign.

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The Lease 2 Purchase Handbook and FREE CD

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It works!

Hi Jeff,

Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you that I will NOT be taking you up on your double the money back guarantee.

I got your book via Download and went right to work.

I used your ad...
I used your contract...
I used your techniques...
I used your Rental Application...

In ten days I had a buyer for my property at Full Market Price. A week before getting your material I would have sold my house for what I owed on it plus closing cost. I had given up hope of making any money on the deal.

Now I have a buyer who I will get qualified for a mortgage in less than 12 months and I will make $5000.00 up front, cash flow $100.00 monthly, and the best of all I will walk away with a $25,000.00 pay day in about 12 Months.

I don't think it can get better than this.

Thanks for providing real world information that can be used by real people, and at $147.00 it did not break the bank. It is worth however, so much more.

Jeff You're The Man!

Keith McGrew

Merry Christmas to Me!

Its R.H. from NYC. All the best to you and yours! God bless you Jeff. I structured a very nice Sandwich deal this past Friday. Pretty darn close to Christmas Eve! Your inside info made Christmas very special for a bunch of folks over here!

I really admire your style and presentation Jeff. It is so streamlined-svelte and PROFESSIONAL. I love it and every person who your/our knowledge touches is Very impressed and intrigued. I have found a vehicle which is the route to my financial dreams. Thanks a billion!


That's What Friends Are For

Just wanted to let you know that I bought your course to help a friend. She had purchased a house for her and her daughter to share and her daughter left which meant she couldn't afford the payment alone. She was already weeks late on her payment and needed to do something fast. She paid $85,000 for the house last July and her payment was $718.00 a month.

In only two weeks she was able to lease option it for $96,000.00 with $800.00 monthly payments. She virtually went from facing foreclosure and losing everything to generating a small monthly income and profiting $11,000.00.


Now I am going to try to lease purchase a home and then sub lease. Thanks much for the help!

Dennis Thomas

Amazing Results!

Hi Jeff,

Just wanted to send you some more good news. I ran into a couple that had started in the rental business 2 years ago. They didn't work it much after that and did not keep all the properties up real well. They started a coffee shop and decided to get out of the rental business. They were now financially strapped. I bought one of the homes on a lease option purchase and turned it in a matter of weeks for a $1500 deposit profit, a $100/month rental profit, and a sales profit of $12,000. The buyers credit was a little blemished, but they can buy FHA in 12 months.

I went back to this same couple and found out they had three more properties they want to sell. Two of them are in ok condition and the other is in pretty good condition. One of the properties is in a great location and I found out it is commercially zoned! I bought at a real low residential price, and am going to turn this in a few weeks for a high commercial value!

About $30,000 profit!

Since I bought your program a few months ago I have turned about 10 properties! Great way to go. Thanks for the great program.

Brent Moody

You may be asking, what about a guarantee that these strategies and tips will work? Well, how about I double your money back if you're not completely satisfied? That's a $97 check -- COMPLETELY FREE -- just for trying my Lease 2 Purchase Handbook and FREE CD.

Industry Exclusive Double Your Money Back Guarantee!

This is a necessary risk that I take to prove my confidence to you! Absolutely no other real estate program in the world has -- or would ever dare to -- provide such a risky measure to back their product like I do. This information is a bargain.

If you use any of my strategies, I personally guarantee that you will have success with the Lease 2 Purchase contract within 90 days. Otherwise (1) these secrets and the $727 in bonuses are yours to keep and (2) I'll compensate you with a bonus $97 cashier's check, in addition to a 100% refund of your purchase price.

Jeff Beaubien
Beaubien Investment Co., LLC.

Why I'm making such a bold claim?

That is because my clients are very satisfied.

My clients, after reading the material, would be crazy to return something that will assist them in achieving their real estate goals. I get zilch returns... almost nobody returns the course. So I don't worry about a "double your money back" return policy.

Plus just to "sweeten" the deal, if you order by Friday, July 19, 2024 at 11:59 PM, I will include the following five valuable free gifts worth over $727. I am so confident you will find success, they are yours to keep just for placing your order.

FREE Bonus #1 - Valued at $497.95

Special Software - "Lease 2 Purchase Success Legal Forms Package"

Included is my very special Lease 2 Purchase Success Forms Package which is packed with valuable and fully customizable legal forms and time-saving resources. These are the most precise Lease 2 Purchase contracts in the business.

I have invested over $12,000 to have some of the greatest real estate legal minds in America help me fine-tune and perfect my contracts. They are the absolute best on the planet, and now they can be all yours.

If you're serious about making money using the Lease 2 Purchase contract -- with ultimate precision and expertise -- this Success Legal Forms Package is a must-have. The time you will save and the money you will make will absolutely blow your mind.

Here are a few examples:

  • Lease 2 Purchase Agreement (I Am Tenant/Buyer) - Use this form to close your deal when you have an accepted offer from a landlord/seller. One of my attorneys laughed when she read it because it favors me so much. 100% Completely customizable.
  • Lease 2 Purchase Agreement (I Am Landlord/Seller) - Use this form when you have either purchased or negotiated the control of a home that you would like to Lease 2 Purchase to a tenant/buyer. Again, this contract heavily favors me. 100% Completely customizable.
  • Assignment of Lease 2 Purchase Agreement - Use this form to assign (sell) your interest in a home that you are Lease 2 Purchasing to another party. Large, fast profits can be made with this contract, usually in two days or less. 100% Completely customizable.
  • Property Analysis Form - Use this form before you make an offer to ensure it will be profitable. Use the point system when you're buying the home conventionally. Because you're looking for properties that are best suited to the Lease 2 Purchase contract, this form is very important. 100% Completely customizable.
  • Information Gathering Forms - A very simple, yet essential tool to help you quickly and accurately determine why your prospects would want to do a Lease 2 Purchase deal. Within seconds you'll be able to determine which of your prospects is the cream of the crop. 100% Completely customizable.
  • Realtor Prospecting Form - If you're a real estate agent, use this form to quickly and easily determine if a seller or buyer may best suited by doing a Lease 2 Purchase. This will instantly open your doors to a brand new market of clients who make up over 95% of the population currently in the real estate market. 100% Completely customizable.
  • Rental Application - Use this form to determine if a tenant/buyer qualifies for a home you have control of. This is the most complete and precise rental application on earth. 100% Completely customizable.
  • Inventory Checklist and Receipt - This form is similar to an insurance policy against damage to your home by your tenant/buyer. Have them fill out this form before they move in to protect your property. 100% Completely customizable.
  • Lead-Based Paint Disclosure - Federal law requires that every landlord must sign this form with their tenant/buyer prior to leasing their home if it was constructed prior to 1978. Don't customize this one!
  • Tenant Monthly Statement - Tenants who think like homeowners, act like homeowners. They pay their rent on time, take good care of your property, and generally make your life much easier. Mail this statement to them to encourage this behavior. You can include due dates, late payment information, plus bonus information and special messages -- very powerful! 100% Completely customizable.
  • Plus much more!

FREE Bonus #2 - Valued at $49.95

Special Software Download - "The Easy Offer System™"

Learn my simple 2-step method for presenting "killer" offers that not even the most stubborn sellers can resist. My experience has shown that this system will increase your success rate by over 50% when trying to hammer down deals with a landlord/seller.

This system will get you on the fast track to success and save you countless hours of your valuable time. Better yet, it's completely customizable to fit any situation.

FREE Bonus #3 - Valued at $89.95

Special Software Download - "Lease 2 Purchase Profit Calculators"

Every successful real estate investor knows exactly how much money they are going to make on a particular deal before they sign on the dotted line. Imagine trying to "guess" your way to success -- it simply cannot be done. This is the learning curve that every new Lease 2 Purchase investor faces right from the start.

I'll solve this problem for you with my very own Lease 2 Purchase Profit Calculators. You'll know exactly how much money you're going to make in up-front profit, back-end profit and monthly cash flow. It's truly a Lease 2 Purchase investors dream come true.

And best of all, it's 100% accurate every time.

FREE Bonus #4 - Valued at $89.95

Exclusive Access - "My Lease 2 Purchase and Online Networks"

You will gain exclusive access to my personal online Lease 2 Purchase and networks which will help you make more money -- FASTER -- with your Lease 2 Purchase business.

I attract over 100,000 unique visitors to my web sites every month, so you'll be guaranteed to find the freshest, most cutting edge information on the Lease 2 Purchase business anywhere on the planet. Some benefits you will take advantage of right away include:

  • Lease 2 Purchase Chat Rooms - My favorite part about my online community is definitely my chat rooms. People from all over the country (and world) share their experiences, ask questions, and find answers here. Much like the Knowledge Base below, it is constantly growing and evolving into one of the most amazing Lease 2 Purchase investing resources you'll ever lay eyes on. Plus, it provides you with 24 hour live support whenever you need it.

  • Lease 2 Purchase Knowledge Base - An ever-growing, constantly evolving super-list of articles designed to share information about the Lease 2 Purchase business. Kind of like an independent "real estate information network." Each article is submitted by other Lease 2 Purchase investors, just like yourself, and hopefully you'll be contributing to it a few short days after you begin. I learn something new every time I read an article, and you will too!

  • Lets Network! - Looking for a partner? Want to team up with someone to share information? Want to do this with people who live right in your own neighborhood? Well, this is the place for you! Every day dozens of investors add their names to my list of folks interested in networking their Lease 2 Purchase business. Maybe you need a partner with capital? Maybe you're looking for a bird dog? Add your name to the list and watch as the world comes beating a path to your door.

  • Fresh Informative Articles - Want to know the fastest way to close a deal? I've got you covered. Looking for a company to help you manage your houses? Look no further. You name it, I've got! My comprehensive list of informative articles includes topics on just about every aspect of Lease 2 Purchase investing you can imagine.

  • Lease 2 Purchase Classified Ads - I've had several clients tell me that they actually did an entire deal right from this web site. They posted an ad looking for a nice home to Lease 2 Purchase, found one, then posted another ad looking for a buyer -- and found one of those, too! When I heard about this, I knew my Lease2Purchase network was going to be great.

  • Lease 2 Purchase Downloads - I've searched the internet long and hard to compile this list of valuable software. The best part? It's all 100% free for the taking. Amortization calculators, buy versus rent analysis, everything under the sun to make you successful in your Lease 2 Purchase business.

  • Links - This is absolutely, positively the most comprehensive list of real estate investing web sites you'll find anywhere on the web. I even rate each site based on content, value and ease of use. I use an easy to understand scoring system so you'll have time to get out there and do deals instead of endlessly surfing the internet for that bit of information you need.

  • Lease 2 Purchase Store - It occurred to me recently that you may want to expand your Lease 2 Purchase business even further, so I decided to sell other authors courses along with my own. As the editor of my network, it is my mission to offer you only the best Lease 2 Purchase training materials available. I personally read and review every single product I offer. These books, courses, and tapes are produced by real people who do real deals in today's marketplace. The information is rock solid, it works, and it will help you make more money.

    Oh, by the way, I also offer the best prices and fastest (FREE) shipping -- Guaranteed!

  • Plus much, much more!

FREE Bonus #5 - Valued at $ ??

Exclusive Access - "24 Hour Live Support"

So as you can see, I am with you each step of the way. You're going to receive more support than any other "how to" product has ever dreamed to offer. And the best part?

Your success is virtually guaranteed!

That is a total value of over $727 in free gifts, yours to keep regardless of whether or not you keep my course.

Think about it...

The price of this course is a painless drop in the bucket compared to the money you are going to lose in your lifetime without this marketing know-how.

Look at it this way... You really can't afford NOT to invest in my course.

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Success Just Two Weeks After Starting


Two weeks after receiving your program, I was able to sell with a $3,000.00 option and a $120.00 positive cash flow. I am more than convinced. I look forward to future investments. Thanks!!

Ray Bolden

According to Your Profit Calculator

Hi again Jeff,

It's been a while so let me update you on the deal I've got going. I found this cute little home in a nice neighborhood that was priced right ($60,000 - about $2,000 less than what I thought it was worth). Anyway, the seller wanted out of it so I made her a lease purchase offer exactly how you teach in the Handbook and she accepted! My terms were: $1,000 option deposit, $550/mo for 24 months, $200 rent credit. I couldn't believe that she accepted my offer - it was like I bought this nice little home for a total of $1,550 down. Wow!

Before I signed the paperwork with her to close my deal, I ran two ads looking for tenant/buyers. Much to my delight, my phone didn't stop ringing with interested people for three full days! I found a potential tenant/ buyer and showed them the home and they wanted it. I had a sales price of $69,900 in 24 months (should have no problem appraising at this), received $2,000 down for the option money, charged $650/MO and gave a $100 rent credit. Of course, I checked their credit and it wasn't perfect, but they shouldn't have any problems getting a mortgage if they pay off a couple of late pays.

According to your profit calculator, my front end net profit was $1,100 (which I'm going to use to invest in another home), my net profit from rent will be $2,300 and my back end net profit will be $11,300 for a grand total of $14,700!! Thank you, Jeff. Now I see why you started your web site.


Jamie Montgomery, St Louis

20K Net Profit in a Couple Months

Hi Jeff,

I purchased your course a couple of months ago and the information is excellent. I have already completed my first L/P deal where I lease purchased a property from a seller, improved it and lease purchased to a T/B for over 20K Net Profit.

Chris asks a question...

Thanks in advance for your replies. Your information is outstanding. Have a great day!

To your continued success,

Chris Duggan

The Success I Had Using Your Material


I just wanted to tell you about the success I had using your material.

About two years ago a tornado wiped my business out and I discovered how under-insured I was. To make the story a short one, I was wiped out financially. I have gone to work for a corporation but a long period of unemployment and a present salary that is about 1/2 what I was making has made it very rough.

When I ordered your course about a month ago, we were living in an over-priced apartment plus paying a monthly storage bill because our belongings wouldn't fit our apartment.

After buying your course I found a beautiful house that had been empty for nine months. The owner had moved out of state and was paying on two houses. I have no idea why it didn't sell but I suspect he wasn't very flexible at first. However he was VERY flexible by the time I contacted him.

I used your methods and forms and was able to lease option the house for less per month than we were paying on the apartment. The option period is for two years with two renewal periods, and my total option payment was $1,000.

I estimate that we have the house locked in for about $30,000 under its present market value for six years. Over the last two years, my credit took a real beating, but this arrangement assures that I will have equity in the house when we decide to buy it. I don't think we will have any trouble getting a mortgage with $30,000 already in the house even if it doesn't appreciate in six years (note: this house is in North Atlanta, an area that has seen about 7% appreciation rates for years).

Jeff, thanks for everything. We now live in a beautiful 3400 sq ft house thanks to you.


P.S. Jeff, with this under my belt, I am actively looking for more lease/option deals to put together. I am finding that telling sellers I am looking for an investment property puts a very different spin on the conversations. They don't try to sell me on the house but we go right to talking about the numbers. It brings out whether they are motivated buyers a lot faster when they aren't trying to "sell" me on how beautiful the house is.

After the Realtor, Then Came Jeff

I listed my property with a Realtor for $159,900.00 and contracted for 7% commission for six months. Well that went about nowhere fast, except for six showings - two of which were unrepresented. Then we had an offer, then counter-offer, then agreement which never materialized. I was going crazy!

After all this anxiety, I started to realize I was paying $12,000.00 in commission, going to sell for 15% less than my asking price, and 25% less than market value.

Then along came LEASE TO PURCHASE. YO JEFF!!!! I bought the course - studied the course - dreamt the course, then applied the course.

Here's how it went down...

Listed the property for $159,900.00 with lease/option consideration $8,000.00 and monthly payments of $1,000.00 for 12 month term and rent credit of $200.00. After 1 month of continuous showing, we found a qualifying family, with fair credit, excellent income, and with hard work should be able to qualify for a mortgage, at the least a non-conforming loan in 24 months.

Terms: $159,900.00 purchase price. Lease Agreement: $1,000.00 month for 24 months, no rent credit. If they default on the lease, one day over agreement then they're history, and I start the process all over again. I JUST LOVE IT!

My end; taxes, mortgage and insurance $800.00. Also one 33 cent postage stamp and letter to my neighbors saying "see ya!" In 2 years, when I've closed this deal, I will be sure to post the results.

Thanks for the course Jeff!

Tim Treon

"As a long time advocate, practitioner, and teacher I think everyone interested in the subject should have Jeff Beaubien's Lease 2 Purchase Handbook."

A.D. Kessler
Founder, Creative Real Estate®

This isn't rocket science, folks.

The Lease 2 Purchase Handbook and FREE CD has everything you need to make this happen for you -- and happen fast.

Here is what you get...

  • The best forms and contracts in the business so you will get every deal done with almost no risk
  • All the marketing materials you need so you will jump-start your success right from the start
  • All the scripts, ads and sales training you need so you will have confidence when you need it most
  • All the information you must have to make profitable decisions every single time!

But I've saved the best for last.

By reading to this point on the page, you have taken the first and most critical step of the process already -- you have gathered as much free information as possible. For that, I congratulate you.

"Now you can take part in this action..."

I have laid the foundation for success, now all you have to do is build upon it and watch it grow! I have proven to be a success time and time again. Now you can take part in this action and become what I call a "Real Estate Winner."

Plus, by being an owner of The Lease 2 Purchase Handbook and FREE CD, you will find out first-hand why I am so confident in my course and its proven strategies and techniques.

My industry exclusive Double Your Money Back Guarantee is a necessary risk that I take to prove my confidence to you. Absolutely no other real estate program in the world has -- or would ever dare to -- provide such a risky measure to back their product like I do.

Take the second most important step right now...

Order your copy of The Lease 2 Purchase Handbook and FREE CD.

May I have your business?

The Lease 2 Purchase Handbook and FREE CD

Now just $97 until Friday, July 19, 2024 at 11:59 PM

You save $50 off the suggested retail price!

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Shipping is completely FREE.

All Instant Download orders will be delivered to your email address just 30 seconds after placing your order.

All Hardcopy orders are shipped the same day by U.S. Priority Mail. You will receive the course within 2-3 days and can get started the same day you receive it. You will be putting Lease 2 Purchase deals together by NEXT WEEK!

Click to Check!

I am talking about a real-world, nuts and bolts, step-by-step system for using the Lease 2 Purchase contract that will make you money... time and time again. Just one of the dozens of great techniques, tips and secrets will easily pay for your small investment many times over.

And remember, it's impossible for you to lose!

I am so confident that my Lease 2 Purchase Handbook and FREE CD will be a crucial step to your financial success that I support it with my industry exclusive Double Your Money Back Guarantee. Absolutely no other real estate program in the world has -- or would ever dare to -- provide such a risky measure to back their product like I do.

If you use all my techniques, I guarantee you will have success within 90 days or I will buy the course back from you PLUS give you an extra $97 to boot.

This information is a bargain.

If you really want the power to blow the lid off your financial future, don't put off placing your order right now. This special information is invaluable to you and will be worth many tens of thousands of dollars in future profits. Place your order online right now!

Yours in success,

Jeff Beaubien
Beaubien Investment Co., LLC.

P.S. If you don't seize this opportunity, how will you discover what's holding you back? How will you learn from the victories (and costly mistakes) of a flesh and blood successful Lease 2 Purchase investor... the one who has already reached his dream?

Trust me, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

P.P.S. I can't promise you will become rich using my system. I don't know you... your background... your commitment... or your motivation.

But as you can see, I've already helped "real people" like the ones you've read about on this very page make life-changing money with their very own Lease 2 Purchase businesses.

If you're not convinced that my system will help you create a wildly profitable Lease 2 Purchase Business of your very own, then I will refund every penny you've given me.

So whether or not you make life-changing money with your very own profitable Lease 2 Purchase Business is now completely up to you...

To have your Lease 2 Purchase Handbook and FREE CD shipped TODAY, please click here now.

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