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Lease 2 Purchase Links

Welcome to the Lease 2 Purchase Links directory. The directory is updated every morning so check back often! Do you have a link you think I should add? Let me know!

    Claude Diamond specializes in the lease purchase contract.
    The largest brokerage for rent to own homes in the United States and provides access to the nation's largest network of rent to own experts.
  • Lease Option Definition
    From - A definition of what a lease option contract is. Ed.note: partially written by yours truly!
  • Lease-Purchase Q & A
    From - An article attempting to explain the differences between a lease purchase and a lease option.
    Use lease purchase leads to find tenant buyers nationwide for your vacant properties.
    Rent to own listings for homes nationwide.
  • Real Estate Q & A - Lease Options
    Some lease purchase FAQs.
  • What is a Lease Purchase Sale?
    From - The difference between lease options and lease purchase sales. Benefits to home buyers to do a lease option. Understanding lease options.

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