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Your Emails

Below you'll find some of the interesting letters and emails I get from clients and friends. Why are they here? They might inspire you, they might provide that "AHA!" moment that encourages you to get started in your own Lease 2 Purchase business, or they might just make an interesting read. Enjoy!

Check back often as I try to update this page frequently. Click here to send me an email and, if it's good, I'll post it right here for the whole world to see.

RE: Your web site


Thanks for your prompt reply. At age 81, I don't even buy green bananas, so when I hear a target date of 12 months---whew!!! If you care to, share your plan with me and perhaps we can find some way to accelerate it.


Thanks; Forever Grateful


Sorry it took so long to get back to you, had a little medical problem that had to be taken care of. Everything seems to be a bit better now.

I just want to Thank You from the bottom of my heart for what you did! I had no intentions, nor would I have ever expected a business person in these times to ever have done what you did!

My Wife [name removed] is usually very skeptical of this type of thing. (Get Rich Quick Schemes as she calls them.) We had just had a little spat over this right before you emailed that you were sending your download version of the Lease2Purchase course for Free. It floored both of us. She just happened to be the one that opened the email from you. Wish you could have seen the look on her face! I believe it changed her opinion alittle anyway.

Seriously though, what you did is Greatly appreciated, May God Bless You for being such a good person. That said I only hope I can make this business work if for no other reason than to prove a few caring, wellmeaning folks wrong. I know its all up to me, but it sure would be nict to have some support.

Anyway Thanks a Million, and by the way you will be paid back trust me on that.


Wayne Miller

Previous order

Hi Jeff:

My name is Ignazio Lena I had purchased your Lease 2 Purchase manual with the free CD about 3 months ago and I must compliment you as it was put together very well. The Language was plain and simple to understand. I am sure it will serve as a great tool for me when I start my investing, BUT, I have a small problem...

I lost the [gosh-darn] cd and I can't find it for the life of me. I have searched my house In and Out, High and Low, Every Freakin cupboard, Draw,Shelf, I even searched my Underwaer and Socks drawer, NOTHING!!!

(Editor's Note: OMG! LOL)

If you can send me one it would be greatly appreciated!! I'll pay whatever the cost is my home address is ...



What did you do to the post office?

I ordered your Lease2Purchase book and CD, hard copy version, and the order shows it went through on September 30th at 1:04pm. It arrived yesterday October 1st by mid afternoon. I wasn't expecting it so quickly, was working in the basement, and missed catching the postal carrier to sign for it. Picked it up from the post office this morning and am looking forward to being able to check it out this evening.

I'd just like to say that however much money you are making doing lease/purchase, perhaps you could make more by letting folks know how you lit such a fire under the post office to get the package here so quickly. I have to mail my water bill a week in advance or it doesn't get there sometimes and the place it is going is less than a mile from the post office.

Thanks for such a quick response,

Kim Regan

Caller requests a discount

Sounds great Jeff. You have the best lease option product I have been able to find. I have several friends & relatives who want to join me in full time real estate investing.

I know you have the best "quick start" for a beginner.

We do appreciate what you have done.

I would like to accept your generous offer but increase it to 10 copies. Several wives want their own & I have two grandaughters who want to learn. I now have 8 "students" I have offered to Mentor for free. Thanks Again.

Donald A. Masse

Finally, I found you!!!


I have been waiting for answers to give me the encouragement that I can do this and your course was it.

I have spent thousands of dollars in the past 8 months to figure creative real estate out. I needed someone to hold my hand through this and nobody seemed to care after they had their money from me.

Thanks again for the easy to read and understand and I hope to follow your table to one option a month. I missed the dealine for the sunday paper and will run ads next week to get started. I already have realtor and L.O. contacts. I will send my first success story soon.

Regards in Grand Rapids


Thanx for the wise advice

Jeff I purchased your course/blueprint about a month ago. (You Rock) I really appreciate the time and energy that you have poured into this work and know that you will, and undoubtedly are, reaping the benefits of sowing good seed.

I have spent about 4 years studying other courses and spent well over 5,000 dollars on real estate material ie... Carleton Sheets etc... but I wanted to make sure that all my ducks were in a row before I launched my biz and you have provided what I have been looking for and at such a low price.

I will soon be getting a loan of 5,000 dollars to get Perfect Real Estate L.L.C. off and running (my company name).

Jeff I want you to know this is a true rags to riches story and in 8 months I'll tell you all about it. I'm sure it will be a true testiment to what you offer.

Thanx for everything and if you have anymore advice to give a beginner I am all ears.

God Bless

Jack Mumford


I wanted to give you feedback on your web site. I'm really thankful and appreciative of the vast amount of information that your web site contains. I'm a Florida Real Estate agent selling in Brevard and Indian River counties. Your web site gives me more "knowledge" which will enable me to help list and sell more properties. People need this information. Keep up the good work, it's appreciated!


Great Web Site!

Hello Jeff,

I never take the time to send comments on web sites or their content, but I was so pleasantly surprised by the content and professional look of Lease2Purchase that... "Hey, you're doing a great job!" just popped out of my mouth. Best wishes to you!

I come from a background of buying, fixing, and selling houses and apartments for a group of investors. I've even done a few no money down, owner financing, quick flips, etc., but this lease/option contract seems to be catching on. What an incredibly easy way to jump into the game! I'll share some stories on your site later. Thanks.


Gary Leachman

"Don't let what you're doing today stand in the way of who you can become!"

In Appreciation

Dear Jeff:

Just a note to say, "THANK YOU", for your web site and the information shared therein. I am new to real estate investment and the information gleaned from your pages have helped to fill in the many missing links.

Thank You,

Ron Nelson

A deal from your Chat Board


We have corresponded briefly in the past, I am not sure if you remember me or not. I have not purchased your course, because frankly I have been an investor for a few years and have my own methods I use. One of which is of course, the Lease/Option. I just wanted to thank you for your board.

I talked to a "newbie" investor via e-mail and he seemed to want to learn more about L/O's. I sent him to your web site and he bought your book. He seemed a bit confused and kept writing me asking questions. So, I offered to "mentor" him and walk him through his first deal on his own home. I found out through talking to him that he really needed debt relief from his current home. After talking for about a week, he still did not seem to grasp the concepts of REI. So, I made an offer to buy his home from him "subject to". I got the deed yesterday. We have a verbal agreement that I'll show him everything I do with his former home, and teach him as I go.

Thanks Jeff, and keep spreading the word,

Jim IL

Thank You!

I still have not received the original package. Hopefully it's being returned to you with a no such number stamped on it. I actually just wanted to tell you I just tried your CD for forms and what a welcome change to actually be able to make the copies on my computer. I just plugged it in and off I went. Thanks!!!!!! Will be trying to use them this weekend. Our partner didn't want to do it my way last weekend and we had no luck just trying to sell the property. Thank goodness after this house is gone, we will no longer be partners. Our thinking was just too opposite. Instead we will just be great friends as we already were. The saying don't mix business with friends has come back to bite me and my husband in the butt. From now on, it will just be the two of us. Will keep you posted on our progress.

Gerri Shay


Hmmm, you charge $350/hr and you recommend I DON'T pay it. Thats a new one, a creative RE consultant actually helping his clients. Well, your credibility rating just went up in my book. I'll post my questions in the chat room if I need to. Thanks Jeff.

Gerri Shay


I don't think you need to make any improvements....... if you could give me an idea what to look for in leasing/purchasing a home... that would get the weight off my shoulders and I heard about you by looking in the keyword..... "lease purchase". You have a cool design and we need more people like you helping others with homes. have a nice day! :o)

Audrey Marquette



I honestly have been "blown away" by what I have seen on your site, specifically your honesty and frankness - not to say anything about the amount of information presented!! Granted, I have not spent a lot of time perusing the site in total, but from what I have seen so far, I cannot think of any changes at this time. Perhaps I will have some suggestions in the future.

Don Woller

Good Information


I truly enjoyed reading your material. I have been an avid follower of real estate investing techniques. I am a loan officer for a mortgage bank and it allows me to consider other methods for making transactions work. The information is good and does provide some nuts and bolts.

Thanks and keep it up.

Jerry Reyes

An Angle

Thanks Jeff.

I'm trying to find an "angle" for my web site. Since I'm not exactly skilled as an investor yet, I need some quality content on my page or it is kinda pointless. I thought about just setting up a "resource" page that cuts through the crap and gets people the information they need to succeed, whether they are investing, selling, looking for financing, etc. This won't be a free-for-all link page, but only resources that I think are valuable on the internet. Your site will be on the top of the list! You've done an incredible job! It seems that whenever I get an idea, someone is already doing it. If you weren't doing such a good job at it, I'd take a crack at it ;-)


Tony Vissoc


Hi Jeff,

I received your lease to purchase program. You have some great ideas which I am going to apply to my investment business. My wife and I own a mortgage company, plus we have been buying homes on the side and reselling them. I would much rather do the lease option than the purchase or outright sake through a Realtor.

After receiving your info and reading through it, we immediately applied your classified idea in the paper on our own primary residence. We had 20 calls over the weekend and 2 offers by Sunday. This has opened up a number of new opportunities plus some new dreams and goals. I would recommend this to anyone who is even somewhat interested in investment properties.

We will also go on to Ebay and give this system great reviews!!

Brent Moody

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