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How realtors can open their doors to the largest market of buyers and sellers available and earn residual income

by Jeff Beaubien

Realtor Features & Benefits

As a realtor, it would benefit you to add the Lease 2 Purchase contract to your toolbox of income producing techniques.

Imagine opening your doors to a world of buyers and sellers that nobody else in your office, or town, has even considered. In fact, almost every buyer and seller you meet is a potential Lease 2 Purchase candidate.

This can provide a special market niche for you. And having a special niche is what separates the top producers from the mediocre ones.

Never lose another deal because your seller is overpriced or because your buyer can't get financing. A Lease 2 Purchase requires less than half the work of selling a home the conventional way, so you will be much more productive -- and wealthy!

Furthermore, some of the most successful professionals in the world, including insurance agents, movie stars, musicians, and authors all benefit from a little-known financial secret about the best kind of income you can earn...

Residual income.

What do these financial geniuses know that you don't? Simply put, they know that residual income provides for a steady cash flow that is paid at a date after your work has been completed. Imagine the income you'll receive from lining up one or two quick and easy deals every month for the next twelve months.

Other immediate income producing possibilities include:

  • Consulting on an hourly basis
  • Paying a referral fee to someone for lining up these opportunities for you
  • Charging an up front fee for your services instead of waiting for the residual income

The possibilities are endless.

What's more important, you are in a position to make the Lease 2 Purchase option known to a select group of potential clients who would not qualify to purchase in any other way. They will remember the opportunity you have given them and reward you with future business.

At minimum, you have a fiduciary responsibility to determine whether a Lease 2 Purchase agreement could help them solve their real estate problems. It may be exactly what they need -- and trust me -- they will thank you for it!

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